Typewriter, Spacebook and Auntacid



Maria and Rosa on the book Depp’s writing called Gringa:

(Gringa – In the Clutches of a Ruthless Drug Lord)

Rosa: “If Diago is angry about Depp writing his book and talking about his wife, maybe he must maybe pay more ’tention to his gringa. You know buy her flowers and send her a message on … (Looks at Maria) What’s that place everyone puts messages and photos and tell everyone what a good time they are having?”

Maria: “Eh, Spacebook.”

Rosa: “Yah, Spacebook. He must tell her he loooove her and things. Then gringa feel good and stay with Diablo.”

Maria: “Not ‘Diablo’ — Gringa want us to call him ‘Diago’.”

Rosa: (Frowning) “Why?”

Maria: (Shrugs) “Gringa is loco, you know that. Remember that time she got drunk and …

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